Fact Sheet: Anti-Free Market Crusade is Failing

Fact Sheet: Anti-Free Market Crusade is FailingJuly 12, 2023

As leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives prepare to dedicate significant time with congressional hearings to advance the sputtering anti-free market attack that’s been ongoing in state legislatures for over a year, For the Long Term is releasing a new fact sheet that highlights how the movement is shaping up to be an overall failure.

Despite the attempts by proponents of the anti-free market crusade to spin their efforts as a nationwide trend, the fact sheet shows that their impact is nothing more than a mere blip on the radar of the overall market and a political sham that has failed to gain traction or garner support from the general public.

Key points from the fact sheet include:

Read and download the fact sheet here.

For the Long Term is committed to promoting economic freedom and exposing policies that hinder growth and opportunity. The fact sheet aims to provide a factual analysis of the anti-free market movement's failures, highlighting the need to oppose policies that restrict our free market, hinder competition, and clamp down on access to risk information.

Background: The fact sheet’s release comes after the U.S. House leaders held two bizarre hearings on the issue. Both hearings served to double down on asinine conspiracy theories and an array of nonsensical arguments in an effort to revive failing efforts to advance anti-free market legislation in the states. Read more about the first and second hearings.

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