We help public Treasurers leverage the power of their offices to deliver sustainable long-term growth

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For the Long-Term is a 501(c)(3) public charity that supports state, city, county, and tribal Treasurers in managing the unique challenges they have in interfacing with each other and nonprofit organizations to support the long-term well-being of their beneficiaries.

We partner with other organizations to create a proactive forward looking agenda through which public Treasurers can build support amongst their fellow fiduciaries, and ensure continuity from one public Treasurer to their successor.


In recent years, decisions made, and policies implemented by state and municipal treasurers have attracted greater attention in the media. The growing dominance of institutional investors over the governance of public companies and the rapid mainstreaming of key Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing tenets have elevated the influence of public sector treasurers on Wall Street and in Washington D.C.

Americans’ concerns about climate change, racial inequity, and other issues are spiraling. There is a growing call to ensure that state and municipal treasurers are doing everything in their power to help solve these urgent issues and that they are effectively communicating their work on them to other stakeholders and the public.

For the Long Term (FTLT) is addressing this challenge, and is quickly becoming the conduit that connects state and key municipal treasurers with organizations and investors seeking to ensure the long term sustainability of our economy.

FTLT is creating tools, structures, and forums that enable state and municipal treasurers to mobilize their collective power, capital, and influence to create a better functioning economy.

We at FTLT strongly believe that state and municipal treasurers – who have been elected or appointed to represent their communities and beneficiaries with a long-term investors’ focus of many decades into the future – are the best positioned public servants to drive the transformation that America needs.

Many state and municipal treasurers are already taking on this challenge by pioneering new ways to play their crucial roles as fiscal stewards. However, their innovation is being stifled because their offices are understaffed and underfunded. This makes it difficult to find, communicate, and collaborate with partners and allies.

While other organizations are bringing together state and municipal treasurers with shared interests, FTLT is going beyond that to assemble public and private sector stakeholders with shared goals in mind and the collective means to accomplish them. FTLT is also sharing the ideas and accomplishments of our treasurers to ensure that innovation spreads virally.




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