For the Long Term believes that an investment approach prioritizing long term financial thinking and the interests of all stakeholders is better for value creation and economic growth for not only current and future beneficiaries but for our country and economy as a whole.

By taking into account the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, and the community, companies are more likely to create sustainable and responsible business practices. This, in turn, leads to better relationships with all stakeholders, which results in increased loyalty, better brand reputation, and more stable revenue streams. In addition, companies that prioritize the needs of all stakeholders are more likely to innovate and adapt to changes in the market, which can lead to a competitive advantage and better financial performance in the long-term. 

Overall, this stakeholder-focused, long-term approach leads to better relationships with all impacted parties, increased innovation, and a more positive impact on society and the environment. In contrast, an investment approach that focuses solely on maximizing profits for shareholders can lead to short-term thinking and decisions that may not be in the best interest of the company or its stakeholders in the long-term.

What For the Long Term Does

Treasurers, Comptrollers, Controllers, and Auditors across the country are innovating and taking steps to ensure their funds are investing in a way to provide strong returns to current and future beneficiaries. For the Long Term supports the work of our network of officials to ensure they can continue to use their platforms to deliver long-term economic growth and to create positive change within firms and markets.

Whether they need assistance drafting investment-related policy, creating communications to publicize their work, or further education on the critical issues on which we focus, For the Long Term works to ensure that Treasurers, Comptrollers, Controllers, and Auditors have the resources and connections they need to continue their work. We also serve as a force amplifier, hosting forums and serving as a single point of contact with other organizations working towards our mission.

Our Network and its Impact

FTLT's network spreads from coast to coast, and represents trillions in assets under management (AUM), showing the breadth and depth of our impact. You can learn more about our Treasurers, Comptrollers, Controllers, and Auditors here, and their AUM here.

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